Category: Homelessness/Housing

“Golden Years” Nightmare

November 2016

Last year, I moved into one of three buildings for low-and fixed-income seniors, owned and operated at that time by Presbyterian Homes* (a non-profit company …

New book about homelessness: Dispatches from the War Zone

June 2016

Independent journalist Mike Rhodes has been involved in homeless issues in Fresno, California since 2002. His tenacity as an investigative reporter has …

Hunger strikers speak out against police murders

June 2016

On April 21, five individuals known as ‘The Frisco Five’ began a hunger strike at the Mission Police Station in San Francisco. They were protesting the string of police …

Sweeps in San Francisco aim to force homeless out

April 2016

Okay let’s just be honest about what is going on in this city . . . This city does not care about homeless people—all the men, women, and children …

“There’s a remedy for homelessness”

April 2016

Throughout history, there have been those that have plenty, and those that have nothing. When those with nothing have suffered enough, they …

Homeless assert their right to life

April 2016

Tent cities are popping up everywhere. Uncaring city governments tear them down as they go up. Homelessness illustrates the decay of an economic system …

God lives in a tent

April 2016

These days, you don’t have to look far to find tents. Tent cities have popped up across the country—the homes of the displaced and the homeless. …

Cooperative spirit key to ending homelessness

April 2016

Despite massive rollout efforts, Covered California (ACA and Medicaid Expansion), have not yet proved the long-term healthcare solution for the …

do you remember when

February 2016

do you remember when
they called a blanket
and a piece of cardboard
a structure?

revolt and Gargoyles weep

February 2016

as necessary as food
it is the riffraff
the slaves the freed
into poverty