Category: Poverty

The struggle for democracy in America intensifies

November 2016

The 2016 presidential election was one of the most divisive in our country’s history. This is no surprise, given the economic, moral, and political crisis we face …

“The system is rigged,” says Rev. Pinkney from prison

June 2016

You will never ever see me associating with Michael Jordan or Lebron James: they believe in the system, the establishment. They’re rich. I’m poor. But I …

New book about homelessness: Dispatches from the War Zone

June 2016

Independent journalist Mike Rhodes has been involved in homeless issues in Fresno, California since 2002. His tenacity as an investigative reporter has …

What will new financial austerity law impose on Puerto Rico?

June 2016

Financial crisis and an un-payable debt have become the ideological media propaganda regarding the social and economic problems that cage Puerto …

Live Community Culture

June 2016

A spectre haunts the Americas, a spectre composed of millions of artivists who have united to rescue communities from the attacks of the corporative …

Public Healthcare is “waste” in the eyes of the super rich

June 2016

Underneath the growing division of society into the super rich and the super poor is an ideology that goes by a lot of names—“lean” or “agile” to name two. That …

How we can fight the corporate dictatorship

June 2016

  According to a famous story, car manufacturer Henry Ford and labor leader Walter Reuther toured a new automated engine production plant during the mid-1950s. Ford reportedly commented that all the machines in the plant didn’t pay union dues, to …

revolt and Gargoyles weep

February 2016

as necessary as food
it is the riffraff
the slaves the freed
into poverty

Police murder of poor continues in Chicago area

February 2016

If the capitalists do not need to hire you, they will not provide your loved ones with mental health treatment services. They will not resolve your domestic troubles …

cold rain

February 2016

cold rain
here you come again
and my friends’ shoes not dry
from the last one