Category: Third Parties

The elections and a vision of a new society

July 2016

McDonalds has announced they will open 25,000 robot-run restaurants. Amazon is replacing human stock pickers in its massive warehouses with robots. We’re living in revolutionary times. As robotics and computerization transform all existing industries …

Green Shadow Cabinet: stop the Trans Pacific partnership

July 2013

On June 10 the Green Shadow Cabinet released an urgent call for resistance to the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). The TPP is a massive new free trade agreement currently being …

Operation Green Jobs:
Unemployed March to Save Jobs and Save the Planet

June 2013

On May 18, a group of marchers set out from Philadelphia, PA to march on the US Chamber of Commerce in Washington, DC. “What are the most dire issues we face?” asked march organizers …

Third Parties: From Impulse to Imperative

February 2013

It is an American belief that our political parties will serve the interests of all Americans—that politicians are to serve the people of America as a whole. This idea comes from a time in American history where the driving forces …