Voices from the local fights

Dear Friends, Below are stories of people throughout the country who are banding together to help each other in the face of the Coronavirus and the economic crisis. We want to share your voices to help bring together the movement for a new society that meets people’s needs. — People's Tribune

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Unite to Save Our Lives Now!

May 2020

We Demand Jobs Now for People Most Affected by COVID-19 By The People’s Response Network The People’s Response Network demands massive expansion of screening, testing, contact tracing and follow-up with JOBS NOW for people from neighborhoods of color …

COVID-Related Strikes Hit Washington’s Apple Sheds

May 2020

David Bacon writes about how the farmworkers’ demands for safer working conditions and extra hourly hazard pay during the pandemic are powering a strike wave in the Yakima Valley. (Published in Read the full story click on the link …

‘I’m just trying to have me some fun!’

April 2020

‘I’m just trying to have me some fun!’ By Danny Alexander The writer Stephen King once described finding stories like digging up gems, excavating, seeing what’s the solid center underneath. The funny thing (though I love him for reasons that …

The crisis: We can’t go back to the way things were

April 2020

The crisis: We can’t go back to the way things were “Alongside the horrifying scenes of dead bodies being packed into refrigerated trucks as a result of the pandemic, a record 10 million people filed new claims for unemployment …

Grocery Workers are Dying

April 2020

“I’m so scared for my son. He’s a manager at Walmart in the produce dept. He already has a weak immune system.

Stop Silencing Doctors: A COVID Clinician Manifesto

April 2020 Stop Silencing Doctors: A COVID Clinician ManifestoTo every hospital administrator who thinks it’s OK to silence us: we will NEVER forget that you did this.Remember that. #SilentNoMore

We cannot delay any further says nurses union

April 2020

As politicians grandstand on television, promising time and again that proper personal protective equipment (PPE) is on the way, there is one question on far too many nurses’ minds: “Where is it? Where is the PPE?” Too many nurses and other …

Austin treats homeless like trash to be swept away

March 2020

“This is what we do in the ‘progressive’ city of Austin.  What a bunch of hypocrites.  Take away the few possessions of the homeless so that they will disappear, to protect the health of other more important people.  The homeless …

Covid-19 shows that capitalism has lied

March 2020

From a Facebook post from “all of this” – all of this is a rapper from Teaneck, New Jersey currently based in Plattsburgh, New York. COVID-19 is showing you the facts that American capitalism has lied about. It’s showing how …

WTF, Carbondale?

March 2020

“I ventured out to Carbondale Aldi this morning out of necessity. A young woman was standing in the aisle sobbing. I asked her what was wrong. In short, she can’t work. She’s a hair stylist. She said she misses her …