Dear Friends,

The postcards below can be distributed at events, large or small. People everywhere are seeking answers. We hope putting the cards in the hands of people seeking change will inspire them to visit the People’s Tribune website at or our bilingual sister publication at and hook up with us.

The postcards can be printed in small or large numbers at a minimum cost by professional printers like Fed Ex/Kinkos, Vistaprint or Stables, and orders can be placed online. They are a standard postcard size of 5.47” x 4.21”.
If possible, good to put the English and Spanish back to back.

Please contact us with any questions or to share your experience getting out the cards at Or call us at 800-691-6888. Good luck!


Imagine Justice Postcard

Flint card

Flint Lives Matter

Flint card

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PTTP Flyer English

May Day


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