Pinkney Defense

Free Reverend Pinkney!

Defender of the poor and a political prisoner—Rev. Pinkney sounded the alarm early on about the threat of the iron fist of the emergency manager system of corporate dictatorship in Michigan. Now the fight is spreading from water shutoffs in Detroit to fighting poisoned water in Flint,both of which result from the emergency manager system. The “Free Rev. Pinkney Coordinating Committee” coordinates national activities in the campaign for his defense. In the words of Rev. Pinkney, “Let’s join together and defeat this monster!” Contact us at justice4pinkney. Friend us on Facebook at justice4pinkney and join the fight to “Free Rev. Pinkney.” Make donations Also, please continue to get regular updates on Rev. Edward Pinkney and the concomitant struggle thereto, at

From the Central Coordinating Committee (CCC) for the Freeing of Rev. Edward Pinkney. For information and what to do, visit The Mission Statement of the Central Coordinating Committee (CCC) is to coordinate, engage in, and encourage broad based national and international efforts to publicize, organize and disseminate information pertaining to the wrongful conviction and imprisonment of Benton Harbor, Michigan, political activist Rev. Edward Pinkney.




Black autonomy network community organization working for economic and social justice in Benton Harbor, MI …exposing state and local NAACP corruption.