May 2016

Homeless—Life on the streets


In America today, the homeless are cast out of society by the economic crisis and then brutalized by the police, the protectors of private property …

Eulogy for Matt Day


In November of 2015, we lost a good man. No one knew it because he was homeless. The man’s name was Matt Day, or Mad Matt, as we called him. …

Flint: Two years too long


After two years, the fight for safe affordable water in Flint, MI., continues. It’s like we’re living in a third world country,” still living off bottled water for drinking, …

Free Reverend Pinkney


May Day, May 1, 2016 marks the 503rd day that Rev. Edward Pinkney has spent in jail for a crime he did not commit. No evidence against him was …

Chicago State U. fights for its future


Spring break at Chicago State University (CSU) was canceled in April. The entire workforce—913 employees—prepared to lose their jobs, while its 2016 …

Pandemic in Chicago: mental illness


N’Dana Carter from Chicago’s Mental Health Movement organized a Body Bag protest at Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office on February, 17, 2016, to raise …

Abandoned library

visiting the library today
looking at the joy of my friends face
as memories light their face like electricity going to a light bulb