October 2016

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Elections 2016: The people demand a humane society

The entirety of the Garfield Bulldog football team - coaches and players - take a knee during the National Anthem Friday at the Southwest Athletic Complex.  Visiting Garfield played West Seattle in WIAA Football Friday, September 16, 2016, at the Southwest Athletic Complex. 
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America, indeed the entire world, is in crisis. Since World War II, developments in technology have revolutionized how we produce the necessities of life. Electronic production is rapidly eliminating human labor in all sectors …


Standing Rock: the people vs corporate destruction


When the Standing Rock Sioux of North Dakota discovered that a pipeline carrying fracked oil was to be built through their land, poisoning the land and its people, there near the headwaters of the Missouri River, destroying sacred sites …

State of Texas must provide for the poor


The State of Texas stopped assisting the poor with their light bill on August 31, 2016. Over 700,000 Texans who relied on assistance were affected, like Francisca who …

Chicago: Homeless point the way forward


All eyes are on the presidential debates, but putting an end to poverty and homelessness is not being addressed. In late September, an entire homeless …

Homeless youth survive and organize


Joker and Jester (Keenan and Eddie) and their friend Chris were confronted by a Walmart employee while they were quietly spanging (spare-changing) …

Homeless battle corporate attacks

  Battle Creek, Michigan is facing a grim future. The town Kellogg and Post Cereal built, and the home town of Michigan Gov. Snyder, plans to make homelessness and panhandling illegal with the passage of a new city ordinance. In …

“The status quo doesn’t work”


The Peoples Tribune interviewed Eddie Cisneros, President of Students for Bernie at De Anza College in Cupertino, CA. Eddie was an elected Sanders delegate …

We Want Freedom


A packed house gathered at the Uri-Eichen gallery on September 9 with veterans of the 1960’s Rainbow Coalition (not associated with Rainbow Push) between the Black …

Fight for Fair, Democratic Elections!


Electoral politics is one path the 99% can use to achieve economic and social justice. However, the 1% created forces and rules that make it difficult for the 99% to …

The separation of families is immoral


In this photo a young boy weeps as he leaves the US Mexican border wall where he visited his grandmother who is dying of cancer. This inhumane wall that …

Voices from Benton Harbor


“I know we all live, only to die, but no mother should ever lose a son the way I lost my son, Martell Walker-Hadley. He died in police custody, at the Berrien …

Free Rev. Edward Pinkney!


The People’s Tribune met Rev. Edward Pinkney of Benton Harbor, MI, just after the 2003 rebellion. The police murdered a young man in a high-speed car …

Happy Birthday, General B


Happy Birthday, General B,
You can never be far from me
Times are tough, just like you said
Corporations positioned to see us all dead.

Chicago Teachers prepare for strike


In September, about 90% of the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) voted, and of those, 96% approved a strike. On September 28, the CTU set a strike …

The Cause of Our Stress

Test after test
It’s not really the best
It causes too much stress
When can we rest?
But that is what CPS wants, right?