Dec 2021


Glasgow: Indigenous youth demand immediate climate action

Protest at UN Climate Summit in Glascow

At the United Nations Climate Summit in Glasgow (known as the #COP26 conference), Vanessa Nakate, a 24-year-old climate activist from Uganda, warned that, “Commitments will not reduce CO2. Promises will not stop the suffering of the people. Pledges will not …

Lesson of Virginia:
Will our elected officials defend democracy?

Voting Rights equals Economic Justicesign

Mainstream media have declared that the Democrats losing the Virginia governor’s race means the Democratic Party should isolate progressives and be more “moderate” in its policies if it wants to compete with the increasingly far-right Republican Party. The pundits warn …

Communities fight for THEIR Covid Relief Dollars

Protesters speak out against the priorities Detroit officials

Editor’s Note: Below are voices from the fight going on in cities and states across the country for where the $1.9 trillion Covid Relief funds federal stimulus bill will be spent. These funds are intended to help the country recover …

Miami’s Vice is anti-homeless barbarism

Downtown Miami homeless encampment sweep in progress

MIAMA, FL — A phrase, a name, the mention of a city can conjure meanings that come to mind automatically. If that city happens to be Miami, one may think mojitos on the beach, or the place where Muhammad Ali …

Austin voted and said, ‘No Way Prop A’

No on Prop A sign

Editor’s note:  This article by Chas Moore, Executive Director of the Austin Justice Coalition was originally published at and is reprinted here with permission. AUSTIN, TX — The voters of Austin overwhelmingly rejected the politics of fear yesterday and …

Razor Wire – Pogrom Ready

Razor wire like “freedom”
Was designed to rip the arses
Of the poor and underclasses.
Razor wire outshines napalm
Allays all anxiety and doubt
The affluent kept safe the indigent kept out.