September 2016

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Elections 2016: Raise the demands of the people


If it wasn’t clear before, the 2016 elections have proven to tens of millions of Americans that the current “two-party” system offers our people nothing. Both parties represent corporate America, and no matter whether Clinton or …


Wide scale poverty makes class unity possible


  Hardly a day goes by before some new video goes viral vividly showing police brutalizing and gunning down working class Americans. As the bodies of the poor murdered by police pile up, so do the protests against it. In …



Evicted for whatever reason,
the obvious one is greed.
Seniors at age 70(me 81), some older,

Homelessness and Revolution


The homeless are those on the leading edge of this great economic tsunami that is threatening to drown us all. There on the streets and in the illegal …

Voices from the people about the elections


“There’s something many Democrats just don’t get about Bernie supporters. It’s actually pretty simple: many of us are drowning. We can’t find steady work. We can’t …

Workers in the berry fields rebel

MCFARLAND, CA  (5/21/16) -- Farm workers show support for their union, the United Farm Workers, at Klein Management Company.  Workers at the company pick blueberries.  After the company cut their wages, workers stopped work, and then voted for the union in an election supervised by California's Agricultural Labor Relations Board.  Most workers are indigenous Mixtec and Zapotec migrants from Oaxaca, Mexico.

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On the edge of a San Joaquin Valley blueberry field, hundreds of workers lined up in the pre-dawn darkness in May, ready to vote in a union election …

United against Police Killings


“Today at the protest I met the mother of Dylan Noble [whose teenage son was killed by Fresno police].teenage son was killed by Fresno police]. She is a loving …

Culture is the bloodline of the movement

A banner for the Live Community Culture Day of Action hung outside the open mic at the Royal Coffee in Chicago.

Since 2012, a cultural-political movement of creativity and connection has swept through Latin America. Cultura Viva Communitaria or Live Community Culture …

We have budget cuts

We have budget cuts
Schools getting shut down
teachers getting cut
Not enough books go
Home …