July 2016

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The elections: how do we end corporate rule?


As we approach the 2016 presidential election, America is at a critical moment in history. Advanced technology and globalization continue to wipe out millions of jobs, permanently. Wages for many still working are driven down to …


Government Must Guarantee Our Basic Needs


“Our water has been poisoned. Why? Who is wanting to do this to us?” asked a young schoolgirl at a Chicago meeting. Officials knew the drinking water in her school was contaminated with lead yet did nothing to …

Help get the People’s Tribune out!


Job loss and soaring rents are forcing millions in America to live in cars, tents, and even swamps, only to be arrested and driven out again and again. Those of us who are morally …

We Are One


My heart has been heavy for weeks now as I visualize first-hand the tragedies of this war waged upon the people. But I am not the only one. The people are agitated as …

No more poison in Detroit’s water and air


For too long, corporate polluters have put the profits before human lives in Michigan. The corporation US Ecology has been seeking permission from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality …

Notes from the Flint water front


While Congress and State officials continue to hold meetings, hearings and investigations, Flint residents still live their lives using bottled water and sink filters while coping with health challenges …

A Model of Toxic Politics in 2016 Elections


Community College teachers and students, leaders in the fight for housing, as well as community leaders in the fight for healthcare, recovery, prison rights and the fight against …

Justice for Freddie Gray


Freddie Gray died of homicide while in the custody of six Baltimore City police officers. Thousands demonstrated demanding justice. The Baltimore City Prosecutor …

A Time of the Phoenix Compendium: A book review

There are places and times that linger, producing an aching humanness that outlives those who populated those spaces. The ghost towns of the cities of the US were once so infused with yearning people from the …

Unifying to solve common problems


More than half of Americans have less than $1000 to their name and are vulnerable to being wiped out by the least emergency. Millions stand on the edge of the abyss, or …


When you divide the people
You divide the power
When the power is divided
The problem multiplies

L. A. Skid Row: Blueprint of an outrage


In late April I was approached by Tommy Little to help get his property back. He had been cited two weeks earlier for committing the crime of “sleeping on the sidewalk.” His arrest in late April, at his tent …

Shorter College: another underground railroad

  LITTLE ROCK, AK — Throughout its existence, Shorter College as an institution, has experienced similar crisis to the ones experienced by the segment of society that it was founded to uplift.  The ups and downs that Shorter College enjoyed …

Pandemic in Chicago: mental illness


Stigma 101: the mark of disgrace that sets a person apart. To comprehend what this looks like to an observer, picture a middle-aged woman shabbily clad who laughs …

The neighborhood is not For Sale!


What does a community that is being displaced look like? Along Milwaukee Avenue in the heart of Chicago, where 10+ story towers are going up to dwarf Victorians and 100 …

Donate to prisoner fund!


“Would you provide a free subscription to the People’s Tribune? There’s no TVs, radios, and newspapers here. Recently, two inmates died from suicide. This solitary …