December 2016

We need a vision of a new society to move forward

  The question before us is: what kind of new society will replace this dying system? Will it be a police state that suppresses our struggle for survival and protects the property and wealth of the corporate class? Or will …

No more walls along the border!


There is an old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. This is a photo of the “wall” at the US-Mexican border, where family members on the US side speak through …

The fight for water as a human right


  These stories show the struggle for clean, safe, running water across the country. Water is a basic human right. The struggle for water is posed against a corporate government and new laws that have as their goal the privatization …

Housing for all


Housing insecurity is at an all-time high. Gentrification in our major cities is spreading a cloud of doom over once stable communities. Small homeowners can’t afford the …

“Golden Years” Nightmare


Last year, I moved into one of three buildings for low-and fixed-income seniors, owned and operated at that time by Presbyterian Homes* (a non-profit company …

A Mockery of Court

Justice was never meant for the poor,
only injustice knocks at our door.
Subjected to all forms of hate,
while ‘just us’ become wards of state.

Poverty is not a crime


My name is Ted Quant. I am here to speak in support of the ordinance to end the policy of keeping people in jail on non-violent municipal charges simply because they are …

What Happened?

I remember when teachers and students looked forward to school,
We thought it was cool.

What happened?
The government corrupted;
Budget cutting.