“Don’t forget us! We need some help!” say Flint women

Top: Flint, MI women show up and show out at the historic Women’s March on


FLINT, MI — As the Flint water crisis surpasses 1,000 days since the disaster began, a busload of Flint women decided to take the issue to the Million Women March. This was just days before a Town Hall meeting was held to update the Flint community on the status of the situation. The panel of EPA, DEQ, along with other “experts,” tried to assure residents that the water is now safe. Residents erupted into verbal outburst along with using empty water bottles as noisemakers in a show of resistance.

A busload of primarily women from Flint arrived in Washington, D.C. and blended in with the exuberant, awe-inspiring March. With signs, postcards, and T-Shirts, they made their way to the grand event. Also, Flint’s own Melissa Mays of “Water You Fighting For” got an opportunity to address the Washington, DC event, telling the audience the truth about the poisoning.


People in Flint wear this t-shirt in defiance of the EPA and others who declare an end to the Flint emergency.


Following are some reflections from the women:

Carrie Younger-Nelson:

“I decided to come because it’s a Womens March (a ten-hour bus ride) and women know how to get things done! We have a cause and our cause is our bad water in Flint. It’s been almost three years. We have to take a shower, cook, or whatever in bottled water. Trump came to Flint back in the summer and said he was going to help Flint and we’re here calling him out, asking where is he at.

“We saw fellow citizens with rashes and hair falling out. I took a shower and broke out all over my body. After that, I got respiratory problems and must see a lung specialist. Kids are having problems in school with developmental problems and behavior problems. We have been to the State Building, and more. We’re here to say we’re ready for you (President Trump) to take care of Flint.”


Melissa Mays, of Water You Fighting For, spoke at the Women’s March on Washington, telling the audience the truth about the poisoning of a whole city and that the crisis is not over.


Helen Brock:

“They don’t care. They really don’t care. They…fixing a few (pipes) but it’s still just as bad. It’s like we’re the forgotten city now. You know the news is off it so they don’t care.”

Ms. Brock was also there to support the Affordable Care Act for her son. “I don’t need him off of health insurance. He has hypertension. So what is he gonna do?? Her sign read: “DON’T FORGET US! WE NEED SOME HELP!”

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