The fight for water rights

Detroit, Michigan – A delegation from Canada delivered water to Detroit as a protest against the city’s water shutoffs. As it tries to recover from bankruptcy, the city is shutting off water to tens of thousands of residents living in poverty who are behind on their bills.


The stories below are from the nationwide battle for clean and affordable water. These fights, all of which are butting up against corporate power, did not begin with Trump—but are escalating rapidly under Trump as all that is public is being dismantled in favor of naked corporate rule. A powerful movement is galvanizing to exert power over the corporations. Either the corporations take over society or the people take over the corporations. The first step is the demand that the government protect and guarantee our public water rights.  Send your story to


The front porch leads to the truth


Voices from the Gathering of Social Movements on Water


Atlantic City fighting for water and democracy

Three years of struggle: charges against Detroit water protesters are dismissed


Little Miss Flint got a rash from water on same day officials charged


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