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Where can you get the truth nowadays? The “mainstream” fake media propagate lies and cover things up. They won’t say why homelessness is growing to epidemic proportions, or why millions are hungry. They won’t give us the real reasons for the unemployment, the police violence, the lack of healthcare, the growing poverty and the attacks on immigrants. They won’t give a voice to those who are struggling to survive. The millions who are being pushed out of the system are a threat to the billionaires, and so our voices are being silenced by corporate media, controlled by the billionaires who run this country.

That’s why we need publications like the People’s Tribune. We are an independent, reader-supported press with an all-volunteer staff. We seek to connect with activists, writers, bloggers, photographers and other independent media. We offer our pages to be the megaphone for the tens of millions who are fighting a system that can’t feed, clothe and house the people, a system that spends trillions on war while condemning people to sleep in the streets and eat from garbage cans.

We need your help to continue being a voice of the people, and to expand our efforts so the people can shout even louder. We need to get out the message that as jobs are eliminated by automation, this system is dying. It must be replaced by a new society that guarantees our needs and the future of humanity.

Our annual subscription drive is under way. Please subscribe and also donate whatever you can in addition. And send us articles about your struggle, photographs, and links to things you’ve published online. Help make the People’s Tribune the voice of the movement for a cooperative America free of poverty and injustice and controlled by the people.



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