The uncanny hatred towards the homeless endangers the homeless community

A person sleeps outside council chambers in Santa Ana, CA. The Los Angeles/Orange County region is experiencing a huge increase in homelessness.


SANTA ANA, CA – Recently a Facebook post referred to a homeless lady who was minding her own business as a “piece of shit homeless parasite.”

As this has sparked a heated discussion, the question is how far is the hatred towards the homeless community reaching? Is it moving from verbal aggression to physical aggression? By the above statement, it appears that the writer is not far from physical aggression by inciting more hatred and violence towards the homeless. These harsh words provoke others to hate the homeless community.

The fact is that there’s more homelessness than ever in Orange County. Gentrification, low wages, inflation, are all factors. Everyone is prone to becoming homeless at some point if this trend continues.

As this article was being written, there has been a lot of insight on the issue. The fact is there are a lot of people out there that support this type of abuse towards the homeless community. Those who defend the poor and less-fortunate people like the homeless are targets of those who support and have the same, if not more, deeply rooted hatred towards the homeless than the person who posted this.

As for the discussion on Facebook that continues regarding this article, I have become a target for those defending the writer’s statements towards the homeless. Some individuals are going as far as stating, “an ‘illegal’ advocate for the homeless, what a concept, I say deportation for you, jail for them.”

It is a disgrace that persons look at the homeless as parasites, and those defending those who attack the homeless are adding to the problem.

The bottom line is: We all need to come together and work as a collective to solve this social issue of homelessness.

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One thought on “The uncanny hatred towards the homeless endangers the homeless community

  1. Yes! There is too much hatred out there! I was homeless many different times in my life, and been called all kinds of names! You don’t want to be homeless in San Clements, CA. City pass a no camping ban, after a homeowner went around filming homeless campsite with a drone and presented it to the City Counsel.Now the Sheriff Deputies are writing out illegal camping tickets. I can’t believe how we treat the homeless! They’re just down on their luck, and of course are human beings just like everyone else. Thank-you you do z great cause and I enjoyed your facebook page.

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