From Flint Water Front: Don’t Let them Silence Us

Flint Protest.


FLINT, MI — Editor’s note: In April of last year, Abel Delgado, age 20, along with five other Water Warrior/activists were arrested and assaulted by the Flint Police Department at a local church following a Town Hall meeting regarding the Flint water disaster. The following day, scores of people gathered in front of City Hall to demand all charges be dropped! They became known as the Town Hall 6. Abel addressed the supporters with an impassioned speech, transcribed here, calling for unity in our quest to end the Flint Water disaster. As we enter into the 4th year, his powerful message is still timely.

This is a People’s Movement and now the people are realizing that. I’m still in awe of what happened yesterday, just aside from the fact of how oppressive the system can be. But reality is what happened yesterday [when activists were arrested.] It is just another way that the city and the state and all government officials are attempting to normalize our oppression. Now is the time that the people need to unite to overcome our oppression. We need to be talking about liberating ourselves from this oppression. We are still poisoned. We should not have to justify the fact that that we have to live on bottled water everyday. We know that there is more than lead and copper in this water. Right now we need to unite. People have the real power. Power is a neutral Force and this is our time to spark a movement overcoming this oppression and create a society that works for all of us, and not just a few wealthy individuals. This is about us, this is about the people in the city of Flint. This is about the entire nation. Water is life.

They charged me with disorderly [conduct.]

Nothing but tyranny—this is nothing but just complete fascism. It’s a way for the state and the city to normalize our oppression. They are trying to silence our voice, people. We must now more than ever Unite and let our voices be heard.

Power to the people! Now is our time. We have the real power! Let’s change the city. Let’s Be the Change we want to see in the world.

See June, 2017 article entitled, “Flint: Six arrested at ‘public’ meeting”

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