For a Green New Deal in the Rust Belt



On January 18, workers in Detroit rallied to demand Mayor Duggan and Detroit City Council, and Mayor Majewski and Hamtramck City Council take control of the Poletown plant in Hamtramck and convert it to public use to create thousands of green union jobs. Thirty-seven years ago, the City of Detroit invoked eminent domain to gift the entire historic Poletown neighborhood in Hamtramck to GM, wiping out an entire community so the company could build the factory it intends to shutter. GM is ending production of the Volt and other smaller-sized sedans while reinvesting in gas-guzzling pickup trucks and SUVs. GM has abdicated even the most basic of commitments to the well-being of our society and the planet. It is time that we stand up to these reckless, corporate bullies and demand our elected leaders take the bold and decisive action we need in order to [avert climate catastrophe] and survive as a species. We could start that green revolution in the Rust Belt, by making Detroit the engine of a Green New Deal! – Green New Deal Coalition

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