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Women’s March, 2018, in Oakland, CA.


“I’m a veteran of the United States Navy for 22 years. The biggest thing we had was Healthcare. A lot of vets and a lot of civilians don’t have Healthcare because it’s too expensive, even Obama Care is too expensive. Another thing . . . a lot of vets, a lot of students don’t have housing. 14 % of Laney College students going to school are couch-surfing or living in their cars, striving for a better life. It’s just not right. So I spent 22 years fighting for the military and what for? For folks to be in poverty? For folks to be homeless? It’s just not right!!!!” — Rev. Monica Joy Cross

“I’m a Laney student. I spent the first 60 years of my life just going along in my lane. I voted in elections and did my part . . . When Trump got elected I said, ‘what could I do differently?’ There’s so much I didn’t know . . . how to connect the dots. When I went to Laney College Teach-ins and found out about the Poor People’s Campaign. I began to dissect the situation . . . We take the People’s Tribune, look at the articles that represent a lot of things that are happening across the United States. I even wrote an article about my experience as a homeless person caring for my parents. Come join us!!!” — Amy Marshall

“This is about all the knowledge that we are missing, especially in (regular) media. It’s not just about what’s going on in your community, but our experiences, people coming together . . . People of different races ages and religions, all poor or working class . . . The system is trying to divide us, so we are teaching each other. We are coming together and we will hold the politicians accountable. We’re not just talking. We’re about action. We’re thinking forward for our future, for everyone.” —Michelle Dione Snider

These quotes are excerpted from a video produced by the Poor Peoples Campaign, Laney College Teach In Committee, at the Oakland Women’s March, 2018. View at youtu.be/r4BS7bh2K9o

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