Stop the American war on Venezuela

In 1995, a handful of Venezuelans lived in luxury, while 66% of Venezuelans were living below the poverty line. In 1998, Venezuelans elected a government that they believed would put the poorest Venezuelans first. They approved a new constitution which, among other things, guarantees the rights to employment, housing, and health care.

Now, the US tells Venezuelans they must accept a president chosen by the US or suffer a military attack.

The billionaires who run our country say they want to bring “democracy” to Venezuela, but they are eliminating democracy in the U.S. The American billionaires say they are concerned about Venezuelans living in poverty, but 50% of Americans live in poverty or near-poverty, and millions are hungry, homeless and without health care. Clearly what the U.S. ruling elite really wants is Venezuela’s oil and to prevent the poor from determining their own future.

Since 2001, the U.S. government has spent or plans to spent nearly $6 trillion on war. We should spend this money fighting to end poverty here and around the world, not fighting against the poor.

We have much more in common with the Venezuelan people than we do with American billionaires. The common people of the world want peace.

The American people must fight to stop the American war on Venezuela and on all countries.

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