There’s no democracy in Texas

2017 Protest to repeal anti-immigrant SB4 “Show me your papers” law in Texas. The law is currently in place.
Photo: Jerry Lara, San Antonio Express-News


“Senate Bill 9 is part of another anti-working-class pro-fascist legislation that has passed the State Senate and is now sweeping the Texas House. Back in January, the Department of Public Safety (DPS) claimed that there was a list of over 98,000 illegally registered voters in Texas. However, Federal Judge Fred Biery said there is no evidence of widespread fraud in Texas and temporarily halted the search for illegal voters. With SB9, Texas voters would face a state jail felony for providing any false information on their voter forms. Another part of SB9 says that if you provide transportation to polling places, you must complete forms stating the voter is physically unable to go without assistance.”

— Manuel Torres of the South Texas Resistance Movement

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