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Hundreds gather in Oakland, CA, to protest the sheriff’s policies that lead to deportations in 2017.


The People’s Tribune and the bilingual Tribuno del Pueblo are sister publications that bring you essential news and views from fighters in the grass-roots struggle for a society that cares for and provides for everyone. By joining Friends of the PT/TP, you will support the developing unity of the movements surging not only across the country but across the hemisphere and the world.

The People’s Tribune and the Tribuno del Pueblo can help advance your struggle by printing your own articles, poetry, photography, and art on our websites or in the print editions. Or you can suggest interviews you think we should conduct or news we should include by contacting the papers. Donations from Friends of the PT/TP will help to support these efforts financially. The papers receive no corporate funds and are totally dependent on our volunteers and supporters.

Periodic donations are welcome, but if you can provide an ongoing monthly donation of $5, $10 or $15, or more, this will ensure a stable financial foundation for the PT and TP. You can set up a recurring donation by visiting either of our websites— or—and clicking on ‘Donate.’ Your credit card or checking account will be billed once a month, until you tell us to stop. And we’ll send you a free subscription.

It’s time to stand up. Together we can win a whole new world!

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