Coronavirus: For-profit healthcare threatens lives

Now is the time for Medicare for All. On top of being threatened with illness, people who are sickened by coronavirus Covid-19 and don’t have health insurance or are under insured face the prospect of getting large medical bills. How do we slow the spread of the virus with a for profit health care system when the first question is always, “Who is going to pay?” If a vaccine is developed, and if the government doesn’t pay for it, many won’t receive it, threatening the health of millions. And, what will happen to the millions of homeless, including many who are undocumented, and also those who have had their water shut off, when they have symptoms of the virus? Will the Trump Administration use the fear of the virus as a tool to more aggressively attack them? Will they be blamed for spreading the virus? We must demand our government take care of its people. This election is an opportunity: Elect candidates who support universal healthcare!

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