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How we can fight the corporate dictatorship

  According to a famous story, car manufacturer Henry Ford and labor leader Walter Reuther toured a new automated engine production plant during the mid-1950s. Ford reportedly commented that all the machines in the plant didn’t pay union dues, to …


The elections and a vision of a new society

McDonalds has announced they will open 25,000 robot-run restaurants. Amazon is replacing human stock pickers in its massive warehouses with robots. We’re living in revolutionary times. As robotics and computerization transform all existing industries …

The Magnificent Mile

Sign says:
Homeless. Need haircut.
Job. Train pass.
Sign says:
Homeless. Need food.
Medicine. Lost everything.

Fighting the Dictatorship in Michigan

The dismantling of democracy is wreaking havoc in Michigan. A corporate dictator law passed in 2011 authorizes the governor to dispatch Emergency Managers …

2years, 2long : Flint Lives Matter

After two years, the residents of Flint are still without safe and affordable water. We are still living off of bottled water for drinking, cooking, and bathing. Lead and other toxins have poisoned our bodies leaving permanent damage to our health and well-being. …

Dirty pipes, poison profits

“The City of Flint, Michigan paid Veolia, the largest private operator of municipal water and sewer systems in the U.S., $40,000 to conduct an analysis of its water system …

The Contradiction

The Contradiction
They have endless money for war
And military expedition,
But no clean water for the poor
Poisoned people of Flint Michigan?

The revolutionary Prince

Just four days after Prince’s death, journalist Kevin Gosztola wrote an article called “The Protest Songs of Prince.” He began by summing up the grief in the social …

Live Community Culture

A spectre haunts the Americas, a spectre composed of millions of artivists who have united to rescue communities from the attacks of the corporative …

Voices from Benton Harbor

“Our local government has a little more voting power now. But they [the state of Michigan] still has us under emergency managers. There’s some kind of group that oversees things …