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The People Confront the Militarized Police

The militarization of the police in America has reached frightening proportions. We are practically living under an open, fascist police state, and more people must take a stand or things will only get worse. The heavily armed military-style units that …


Ferguson: The impact of class on race

The murder of Black, unarmed Michael Brown by white Police Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri, created a massive national and international response. The police would not allow the parents to claim or cover the body and Michael Brown’s corpse …

Flint, MI: Vote while you still can!

Under Michigan’s Emergency Manager law, the city of Flint is run from Lansing, the state capital. Flint’s city council, mayor, and charter have no power. Residents have no voice. All local …

Water is a Human Right!

As fundamental economic changes unwind in Detroit, measures created to harm the poorest section of working families are offered that challenge the basic laws of humanity …

The Mike Brown Rebellion Has Begun

“My body is fatigued as I type this. At this point I have been out in the streets of North County for what feels like an eternity. I am confused and dazed by what has taken place in …

Fast food workers point the way

Fast Food worker strikes are sweeping the nation. City after city documents the impact of minimum wage workers taking a stand. The fight for fifteen movement, funded …

The Gleam

“There’s a gleam comin’ through,”
you said that day
with your arm held up
and your eyes fixed straight

Memorial for Ernesto Garcia

Ernesto Garcia was beaten to death, by two men while he tried to sleep in an alley. Ernesto Garcia was homeless. That was the only reason he was beaten to death. …


In the name of those washing others’ clothes
(and cleaning others’ filth from the whiteness)
In the name of those caring for others’ children
(and selling their labor power

Billionaires pit young against old

Wall Street financiers are targeting young people with a warning: “The older generation is stealing your future!” They generate continuous “educational campaigns” …

Standing together for a new America

The USA proclaims itself the “land of freedom,” but the reality is we live under the world’s most corrupt legal system. It has rigged courts, bribed judges, phony trials, extortion …