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Why Police Terror is on the rise

  In Cincinnati in July, Samuel DuBose, a 43-year-old Black man, is shot dead after being pulled over for not having a front license tag on his car. In July, police in Seneca, South Carolina kill a white youth, 19-year-old …


Vision for a cooperative society

For the first time ever, we can eliminate poverty, homelessness, and hunger. For the entirety of human history we have been hampered by scarcity, yet today exists abundance. Technological advancement has made it possible to produce all that we need …

Homeless organizers speak out

On July 31, WRAP (Western Regional Advocacy Project) brought activists with homeless-led member organizations from all over California and the …

We need a communal society

Most people when they talk about class have some deep misconceptions. We so often hear about class in terms of rich, poor and middle class. …

Help get the People’s Tribune out to the homeless!

Help get the People’s Tribune out to homeless organizations and places where the homeless gather! Homelessness is a stark example of the degeneration of an economic system based on the private property of a billionaire owning class. Automation is replacing …

Uniting with the demands of the poor

At the US Social Forum in Philly, one of the gatherings was a People’s Movement Assembly that centered on the importance of Faith and it’s …

“We as a people must become one”

The address, 405 Chancellor Avenue is inner city Newark, New Jersey. It is the location of the Church of Christ where I attend. The predominantly African …

Wish It Was True

Country, I was a soldier to you.
I did what you asked me to.
It was wrong, and you knew.
Country, now I’m just a stranger to you.

Justice for Zachary Hammond

“We must continue to keep the brutal [police] murder of Zachary Hammond on the fore front. If you cannot tell 100 people about this injustice then …

In Memory of Sandra Bland

From cops killing the poor
On the streets,to now,
Two supposed “suicides” of
African American women in jails:
One, Sandra Bland, for not signaling

Water is a human right!

The denial of clean, running water to anyone is unconscionable. Water is the most essential requirement for all life—nothing can live without water. Corporate investors have a goal to make billions in profit by privatizing the public’s water, making it …

Respect, Not Violence!

On July 28, two men, Darren Thomas and Kenneth Wallace, were killed in their car inHumboldt Park on Chicago’s West side. In a video made in the aftermath and …

Gentrification attacks Oakland

Redevelopment, privatization and gentrification are stalking Oakland. As condos spring up everywhere, corporations and billionaires with bags of money …

Under the Bridge: A Culture of Resistance

Initiated by sculptor Roman Villarreal, Under the Bridge Artists Studio opened Nov. 9, 2012. Victor Montanez said this at the opening: “We see ourselves as …




Benton Harbor under the dome

Benton Harbor is like many cities across this country. The people have less faith in the system to do right by them. Not just in the courts, but …