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No more walls along the border!

November 2016

There is an old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. This is a photo of the “wall” at the US-Mexican border, where family members on the US side speak through …

Divided we fall

October 2015

The attack on immigrants in America is relentless, as the articles in this issue of the paper illustrate. We must draw a line now. It is not possible—and our rulers are well aware—to have a …

What is “class?”

August 2015

Class is a division in society based on the method by which the society produces the things people need to survive. Since class society began, there have been owning and

“We need to build a workers’ movement that fills the streets”

August 2015

Who holds power in America and how did they get it? The 1 percent. Mostly they bought it by using their money in ways that made them famous or wealthier. …

Sixty-one auto plants close in metro Detroit since 1979

August 2015

The other day on my way home, three kids were selling bottled water for a dollar to the drivers stopped at the light at the corner of Mack & I-75. That is not unusual …

In this era of antagonism the attacks on us are relentless

July 2015

Wages can consist of your paycheck, your profit sharing check and the cost of medical insurance for you and the family. They can also consist of the medical …

Attack on immigration programs are an attack on all workers

July 2015

The recent court decisions to halt two immigration programs are an attack on all workers. A few days before the Expanded DACA (Deferred Action for …

The manufactured Chicago public schools pension “crisis”

July 2015

The Chicago Public Schools (CPS) pension “crisis” is a manufactured one. Even Senate President John Cullerton has said as much in public. …

The Era of Antagonism and 2015 Contract Negotiations

June 2015

“When I look at the automation and robotics in our factories, it was that double edged sword. The folks that were running those machines were being killed/worn out because of the repetitive stress and heavy parts. …

Laid off Chicago Sun-Times photojournalist Speaks

July 2013

When I heard Jim Kirk, Editor in chiefof the Chicago Sun-Times, say the entire photography department was being eliminated I looked to my hero, my mentor, my friend John H. White …