Community leader jailed for up to 10 years with no evidence.
This fight will go on until we win!

The people of Benton Harbor, Michigan, are waging a courageous fight against corporate power — against the giant Whirlpool Corporation that runs their city and region. Recently, one of the leaders of this fight, Rev. Edward Pinkney, was unjustly convicted on phony vote fraud charges in the community’s attempt to unseat corporate backed officials. Over the years, Rev. Pinkney fought the theft of prime lakefront land by Whirlpool, and he was among the first to warn people of the Emergency Manager dictatorship in Michigan that kicks out elected officials and sells off a city’s public assets to the corporations. The result of this dictatorship was seen in Flint, Michigan where the governor appointed Emergency Manager switched the city’s water to the filthy Flint River, poisoning a whole city.  Rev. Pinkney now languishes in prison in Marquette, Michigan, with a 2 1/2 – 10 year sentence, isolated from family and supporters. All efforts must be made to free Rev. Pinkney as a step toward overturning the spread of fascism in Michigan and the entire nation. The People’s Tribune continues to devote one page of every edition to the struggle to free Rev. Pinkney. The movement must defend its leaders! Please order copies of the paper to share with others. The People’s Tribune has been covering the fight in Benton Harbor since 2005. Click on “Archives” to see all of the articles published over the years.

Latest on Benton Harbor Struggle

Free Rev. Edward Pinkney!


The People’s Tribune met Rev. Edward Pinkney of Benton Harbor, MI, just after the 2003 rebellion. The police murdered a young man in a high-speed car …

Voices from Benton Harbor


“I know we all live, only to die, but no mother should ever lose a son the way I lost my son, Martell Walker-Hadley. He died in police custody, at the Berrien …

Fighting the Dictatorship in Michigan


The dismantling of democracy is wreaking havoc in Michigan. A corporate dictator law passed in 2011 authorizes the governor to dispatch Emergency Managers …

Free Rev. Pinkney!


Defender of the poor and a political prisoner—Rev. Pinkney sounded the alarm early on about the threat of the iron fist of the emergency manager system of corporate …

We demand the real criminals go to jail


In 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King shared a prophetic speech to millions of people called, “I Have A Dream.” In it, he quoted the Old Testament Prophet Amos: “But let justice …

Greetings from Rev. Pinkney!


Over New Year’s, we drove from Chicago to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (near Canada) to visit Rev. Edward Pinkney. Isolated in a prison that looks like a 19th century castle …

Benton Harbor rally for Rev. Pinkney


On Nov. 24, 2015, Benton Harbor activists gathered in front of the Berrien County Court House to rally for Rev. Ed Pinkney’s freedom. He has been …

Benton Harbor votes out mayor!


I think the election process was really good. Mayor James Hightower was voted out! Marcus Muhammad won. It shows that people are awakening. …

On Benton Harbor


Benton Harbor, MI is ground zero in the corporate privatization of all things public and the outright theft of government of, for and by the peoples …

Rev. Pinkney and the struggle for a new society


On the morning of his April 14 hearing, Rev. Edward Pinkney entered the courtroom in prison garb, handcuffed and shackled. His attorney asked the judge to remove his handcuffs, but the judge commented that it was up to the guard …

Voices from Benton Harbor, MI


“I was subpoenaed by the Prosecutor, but I flipped the script on them and I defended Rev. Pinkney. In early February, I took part in a march organized by Andrews University …

Rev. Edward Pinkney speaks out from prison


It is our constitutional duty as American citizens to hold our elected officials accountable for their work, action and inaction of wrongdoing, which includes judges. …