Rev. Pinkney / Benton Harbor Articles

Rev. Pinkney / Benton Harbor Articles


The People’s Tribune has been in the fight in Benton Harbor since 2005. Below we list the articles written over the years that document this struggle. We urge our readers to share these articles and get the message out nationwide about the battle against corporate power in Michigan. Do whatever you can to support Rev. Edward Pinkney who was convicted of phony vote fraud charges without any evidence. He was attacked because he a leader of a movement that is standing up to corporate power in Benton Harbor, Michigan. Our first battle is to defend our leaders. Any and all efforts must be made to overturn the charges against Pinkney as a step toward overturning the spread of fascism in Michigan to the rest of the state and nation.

— The People’s Tribune

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Whirlpool: a poverty pimp

February 2018

A cold snap during the beginning of the year took a toll on the homeless and the poverty-stricken in the city of Benton Harbor …

Welcome home Rev. Pinkney

August 2017

  After 30 months of his life stolen by imprisonment for his leadership in the community’s fight against Whirpool’s takeover of their town, Rev. Edward Pinkney is home in Benton Harbor! Also, the Michigan Supreme Court’s recent request for oral …

How I became a political prisoner

July 2017

I am Reverend Edward Pinkney, a national and community activist, who tragically, became a political prisoner in the state of Michigan on December 15, 2014. I was sent to prison …

The battle for democracy in Benton Harbor, MI

May 2017

Rev. Edward Pinkney, incarcerated for fighting the corporate giant Whirlpool on behalf of the poorest workers of Benton Harbor, has without fail written a monthly column for …

Brokenness but still winning the war

April 2017

I read Bryan Stevenson’s book, “Just Mercy,” and the story seems very similar to mine. I would like to quote you from his book. “My main years of struggling against …

Soldier of Truth

March 2017

Phillip A. Bassett‘s new book, Soldier of Truth, is about the author’s eyewitness account of the persecution of Rev. Edward Pinkney for his leadership in a fight against …

Free Rev. Edward Pinkney!

October 2016

The People’s Tribune met Rev. Edward Pinkney of Benton Harbor, MI, just after the 2003 rebellion. The police murdered a young man in a high-speed car …

Voices from Benton Harbor

October 2016

“I know we all live, only to die, but no mother should ever lose a son the way I lost my son, Martell Walker-Hadley. He died in police custody, at the Berrien …

Fighting the Dictatorship in Michigan

September 2016

The dismantling of democracy is wreaking havoc in Michigan. A corporate dictator law passed in 2011 authorizes the governor to dispatch Emergency Managers …

Free Rev. Pinkney!

February 2016

Defender of the poor and a political prisoner—Rev. Pinkney sounded the alarm early on about the threat of the iron fist of the emergency manager system of corporate …

We demand the real criminals go to jail

February 2016

In 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King shared a prophetic speech to millions of people called, “I Have A Dream.” In it, he quoted the Old Testament Prophet Amos: “But let justice …

Greetings from Rev. Pinkney!

February 2016

Over New Year’s, we drove from Chicago to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (near Canada) to visit Rev. Edward Pinkney. Isolated in a prison that looks like a 19th century castle …

Benton Harbor rally for Rev. Pinkney

December 2015

On Nov. 24, 2015, Benton Harbor activists gathered in front of the Berrien County Court House to rally for Rev. Ed Pinkney’s freedom. He has been …

Benton Harbor votes out mayor!

November 2015

I think the election process was really good. Mayor James Hightower was voted out! Marcus Muhammad won. It shows that people are awakening. …

Ethel Long-Scott on Harmonics with Gregory Correa

October 2015

Ethel Long-Scott of the Central Coordinating Committee for the Freeing of Rev. Edward Pinkney talks about why Rev. Pinkney was imprisoned for changing dates on recall petitions of a corporate backed mayor in Benton Harbor, MI. She discusses what this …

On Benton Harbor

October 2015

Benton Harbor, MI is ground zero in the corporate privatization of all things public and the outright theft of government of, for and by the peoples …

Rev. Pinkney and the struggle for a new society

May 2015

On the morning of his April 14 hearing, Rev. Edward Pinkney entered the courtroom in prison garb, handcuffed and shackled. His attorney asked the judge to remove his handcuffs, but the judge commented that it was up to the guard …

Voices from Benton Harbor, MI

March 2015

“I was subpoenaed by the Prosecutor, but I flipped the script on them and I defended Rev. Pinkney. In early February, I took part in a march organized by Andrews University …

Rev. Edward Pinkney speaks out from prison

March 2015

It is our constitutional duty as American citizens to hold our elected officials accountable for their work, action and inaction of wrongdoing, which includes judges. …

Community leader jailed for challenging corporate rule

March 2015

The ruling class has always gone after the leaders of the movement. But we must remember that when they first tried to arrest Rev. Edward Pinkney they surrounded the block where he lives, blocked off his street to traffic and …

The Benton Harbor Struggle

February 2015

Truth be told, the charges leveled against Reverend Edward Pinkney in Benton Harbor, MI are but the latest saga in a ruthless pursuit of naked corporate rule that is gripping the state of Michigan. In 2011, current Governor Rick Snyder …

Voices from Benton Harbor

February 2015

“They dismissed the latest mayoral recall because the mayor can’t be recalled in his last term. The recall effort was because the city is operating …

Voices from Benton Harbor

December 2014

“They wrongfully convicted a man who did no crime. This is like a set up. They don’t ship people off that fast to prison. They took …

Fighting the Corporate Dictatorship; Rev. Pinkney’s Trial Day 1

November 2014

Fighting the Corporate Dictatorship; Rev. Pinkney’s Trial, Day 1, October 27th, 2014

From the Streets;

We bring you interviews from Benton Harbor community and supporters from other cities about event’s on Day 1 of trial against Rev. Edward Pinkney. Impressions and concerns are expressed about the possible verdict based on the events during the first day of the trail. Return to People’s Tribune Radio for updates.

Fighting the Corporate Dictatorship; On the Significance of Rev. Pinkney Trial

November 2014

From the Editors; On the Significance of Rev. Pinkney Trial

Free Pinkney

The People’s Tribune has been in this fight since 2005, when we began to report on the dismantling of democracy in Michigan. As the economy in the Rust Belt (and nation) worsens, naked corporate rule in Michigan has continued to rear its head. Fascism takes hold by victory after small victory.

Hear what the people are doing about it !

Standing together for a new America

October 2014

The USA proclaims itself the “land of freedom,” but the reality is we live under the world’s most corrupt legal system. It has rigged courts, bribed judges, phony trials, extortion …

Victory for the people!

September 2014

A Berrien County judge ruled that the contested Benton Harbor recall election against the corporate allied Mayor James Hightower will go forward! But we can’t let up. Rev Edward Pinkney, a …

Update – Benton Harbor, MI: Fighting the Corporate Dictatorship

August 2014

Update: Events Surrounding Rev. Pinkney’s Trial and the Recall Election of the Mayor of Benton Harbor, Mi.

Reverend Pinkney has become the face of resistance to the notion that the working class has no rights that the corporation is bound to respect. Any and all efforts must be made to overturn the charges against Pinkney as a step toward overturning the spread of this model to the rest of Michigan and the nation.

Truth be told, the charges leveled against Reverend Edward Pinkney in Benton Harbor, MI are but the latest saga in a ruthless pursuit of naked corporate rule that is gripping the state of Michigan

Benton Harbor is becoming a police state

May 2014

The Berrien County Sheriff’s department has created a police state surrounding the legal recall of Benton Harbor’s Mayor James Hightower. A Benton Harbor resident, …

Benton Harbor under the new face of Jim Crow

April 2014

The new face of Jim Crow is all across the county of Berrien in Michigan. The prosecutor, sheriff, County Clerk’s Office and the Mayor, James Hightower of Benton Harbor, are making it harder and …

Should Whirlpool pay taxes?

January 2014

The question is: should Whirlpool pay taxes and water bills? Benton Harbor residents must pay taxes and water bills. Why shouldn’t Whirlpool, with its annual 2012 …

Recall Benton Harbor School Board members

November 2013

The Benton Harbor School Board’s key function is to be flexible and responsive, to provide leadership, policy development and communication to the community. Three school board members, Willie …

Positive news from Benton Harbor

September 2013

A city income tax will help restore the city of Benton Harbor. A Michigan-based research group, citizens research council of Michigan, says city income …

Say no to corporate control of Benton Harbor

July 2013

We must say no to the dictator and slave master, Whirlpool. They are destroying the city of Benton Harbor by stealing land and by driving the people completely out of the city to build a …

Benton Harbor Schools are in Shambles

February 2013

  The Benton Harbor School system is in shambles. Some schools do not have heat. Others have no books. Test scores are the lowest in the history of the state. There is no order. When fights break out, the school …

Marian Kramer at Benton Harbor Rally!

October 2006

Activist Marian Kramer speaks to folks at a rally to support Reverend Edward Pinkney. Pinkney and the community are fighting the corporate take-over of their town. Corporate interests want to turn the lakefront town into an expensive resort area. …

Reverend Edward Pinkney at Benton Harbor Rally!

October 2006

Reverend Pinkney speaks on his behalf at a rally of support in his defense against charges of voter fraud. For more intormation E-mail:

Maureen Taylor at Benton Harbor Rally!

October 2006

Speech by Maureen Taylor in Benton Harbor, Michigan to support Reverend Edward Pinkney who has been charged with voter fraud. Pinkney and the community are fighting the corporate take-over of their town. Corporate interests want to turn the lakefront town …

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